Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Just Your Ordinary Chick

“A shoe has so much more to offer than just a walk.”
                                      -Christian Louboutin 

Exclusive D&L BR Beanie: D&L BR Hippie Sunnies: Ebay Exclusive DIY Shredded Sweatshirt: email for inquirires Lace slip skirt: Thrift Store Y.R.U. Bloq Lace-up Flatform Boots: Urban Outfitters Chainmail Clutch: Forever 21

Tasty shredded sweatshirts for the lazy bums
Garnished with a lace slip skort

Finished with a screaming neon beanie

And Creepers of course

~Bon Appetite!

-I can't help the fact that this gross weather continues to make me feel lazy causing me to dress like a halfway decent bum. Hence, my outfit post of the day. So like any other time I'm feeling lazy, (because I'm alergic to dressing casual) I like to pair a bum piece like say a shirt, pants, or hat hat with something soft like a dress or skirt. I'm obsessed with textures; when I buy clothes, I'm first attracted to the  way they will feel against my body. It may sound weird but try it! It tends to remind me of a good memory. In this outfit, I paired a DIY sweathsirt that I made where I just took an old sweathsirt and cut the sides, with a silk slip like skirt. The wonderful thing about this skirt is the fact that it's a skort and has lace trimming on the bottom. Try your bum mesh and let me know how it works out! Bums Away!!

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