Monday, March 25, 2013

Sequin Vest Boho Style

Sequin Vest Boho Style

Sequin Vest Boho Style by twiggynchic featuring pamela love

-So this first look is centered around a sequin vest as I promised. I tried to create this layered look according to this post winter weather that the majority of us are still encountering. Majority of these items I have selected can be found in a thrift store. Starting with a silk or satin slip dress which is easy to come across in the thrift stores and they're roughly priced around $2.00 layered with an oversized pajama style blouse. This one is sheer to give more sexiness. Then add the vest and accessories. BAM! This look is nice for an all day outing or a date. I especially love this particular look because I look at it as a "roll out of the bed sexy look". It's effortless by throwing on a slip, unless you're already wearing one to bed. Throw on your mans pajama top, then adding subtle pieces such as a hat, accessories, and slip on boots.  

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