Thursday, May 16, 2013

Bummin It

“Me weird, Bitch I’m limited edition!”

Leather Cap: Ebay Tortoise Round Shades: Ebay Leopard Belt: Thrift Store Vintage GAP Plaid Skirt: Thrift Store Flatforms: Urban Outfitters

Start off with a sweatshirt
paired with a vintage plaid pencil skirt
topped with leopard
 and flatforms
~Bon Appetit!

-Wore this little get up on Date Night to go see Iron Man 3. Apparently we saw it on the release date. I guess that explains why it was so crowded.  I love pairing basics or lounge clothes with formal attire. It gives the look and edge and a vibe that says "Well I tried to look semi  decent.." Instead of coming out in a full on sweat suit, pair opposites for a laid back look. I decided to throw off the look from being too matchy by adding in the leopard belt. I hate when my outfit starts to look like a catalog where everything is color coordinated. I've NEVER been a fan of that. Suprisingly, I don't even know how to match. Instead of heels, I opted to what I like to refer to as my sneakers since I don't own or like "Real" sneakers; my flatforms. 

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