Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Not Funeral Intended

“Your wardrobe can use more RISKS.”

Curly Cropped Jumper: DIY H&M
Vintage Leather Fringe Jacket: Etsy Chiffon Skirt: here DIY Ankle Boots: H&M

Curly cropped jumper
dressed with a chiffon skirt
and drizzled with DIY cutout gold boots

Bon Appetit!

-I am obsessed with altering and reconstructing garments as I had no choice when I was younger because I was skinny and nothing ever fit me, plus the fact that I come from a big family and had to buy my own clothes or adjust what was given to me. When I spotted this curly jumper from H&M, I was so obsessed with it, that I bought one in every color! Which is not like me at all. I felt like a cartoon character, having 100 of the same things, but I couldn't help myself. You all know I'm about texture and this top not only reminded me of my poodle, but also the movie Clueless. It had such a 90's vibe to it and although I didn't like the original  length on them, I cut them and made them into crops. The stupid weather was in between a hot and cold stage, so it made it perfect to wear with my American Apparel chiffon skirt. The skirt had an annoying long slip under it, so I cut it to expose my legs. I discovered this Amazing blog I Spy DIY where DIY expert Jenni showed me how to jazz up an old pair of boots. I will admit I have a habit of buying things and then not realizing that I have the same thing or similar already in my closet; which is what happened with these boots. So I followed Jenni's easy peasy tutorial on creating colored oxfords and Wha-La... I had me a brand new pair of shoes. Follow her tutorial here . I also cut out the sides to give it a Balenciaga like affect.

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