Monday, May 20, 2013

Pink and Metal Caps

“To live a creative life, we must loose our fear of being wrong.” 
–June Ambrose

Leather Hat: Ebay Sparkle Crop Jumper: H&M Trousers: Vintage Suede Cap Toe Heels: Kenneth Cole

Begin with vintage trousers
and add a pinch of Sparkle*
with a touch of pink
and a dollop of leather
Bon Appetit!
-I love this outfit! I know by now you're probably like "she says that about all her outfits..." but it's true. I beleive that what you're wearing affects your mood  and if you're wearing something you love, then be preapred to have a lovely day. I believe that it's important to love what you purchase, otherwise it would be a waste right? I don't buy things to stay relevant because not every trend looks good or fits in with my personal style. I love how these vintage trousers hang off of me. They make me feel like I have on sweats. Since the weather seems to be a little confused and doesn't know whether it wants to be hot or cold... I decided to pair it with this cropped jumper which kept me warm for my dinner date. Since we weren't going anywhere fancy, I opted for my leather hat which became my new staple wardrobe "go to"; a nice touch to a semi formal attire. 

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