Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Running with the Wind

" Never waste your time trying to explain who you are to people who are committed to misunderstanding you!"  

DIY Side Slit Satin Top: Thrift Store Pink Leather Pencil Skirt: Bought from a lady off the sd of the rd. Strappy Point Toe Shoes: Buffalo Exchange Box Clutch: Thrift Store

Prepared with high slits
and accompanied by not your average pig
tossed with snakeskin 

Bon Appetite!

-Interestingly enough, I found this obnoxious pink leather skirt in Baltimore... A lady was selling clothes off the street and as crazy as it sounds, I bought it. It's the same as buying from a thrift store right?! Call me crazy, but I've been craving to find a leather pencil skirt and haven't had any luck for MONTHS! Soooo.. Yea I was Desperate! The lady I bought it from even had one in black; both 100% leather (but they didn't know that) and was able to score them for $5 each!! With a quick wash and altering, I had me 2 new leather skirts.
         What better day to show off my new skirt then to go to the Miami Heat vs. Washington Wizards game. We had Really good seats so I wanted to make sure I stood out. Yea yea yea... i know what you're  thinking, neither pink nor black is either of the teams colors, but who cares.
       The shirt was a thrifted blouse that fit a little boxy and after having it for 2 years and never have worn it, I decided to get creative. I cut/ tore slits up both side seams of the shirt. I then twisted the front and tucked it into my skirt. I love the way it looks Now. This top went from never being worn and ending up at the bottom of my dresser, to a top that I would wear all the time. I especially love wearing it loose (untucked). Get creative with your clothes that you don't wear anymore, and instead of disposing it, see if you can change it up a bit  and recreate it into something new. I found this helpful suggestion on one of my new FAV blogs:
A Pair and A Spare DIY check her out

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