Tuesday, May 14, 2013


“I told you I’ll be ready in FIVE minutes, stop calling me every half hour.”
-Marilyn Monroe

Boyfriend Blazer: Vintage Floral Fringe Vintage Semi Sheer Dress: Ebay Red Peep Toe Heels: ...

Floral fringe
dipped in Red

~Bon Appetite!

- I wore this outfit to go see Lianne La Havas perform a couple of weeks ago. Funny enough, I discovered her while watching Pretty Little Liars because she's the main artist on the show's soundtrack. Does anyone else discover new artists like that or am I the only weirdo?? Ok.. ne ways, after downloading a couple of her songs I was hooked. She's like the black Adele. Her lyrics empower women through her experience in love, pain, and relationships. But she has a very angelic voice and is Very beautiful. I discovered her concert tickets when someone posted them on Instagram and they were only $20!!! Her concert was amazing; she was very humble and LOVED her fans especially the one's  in D.C (this was her first time performing here). The crowd loved her soo much that after the concert, she came back out and performed 3 more songs! Talk about dedication. I really appreciate artists like that, that care more about their fans and at the end of the day they realize that they wouldn't be who they are now without us.
Any who, I bought this vintage outfit, yes off of Ebay. You can really find some interesting things on there, especially if you're bored, so be careful because it's addicting. I love the details of this dress, like the fact that it's asymmetrical and has fringe along the bottom and on the sleeves. It's also semi sheer so I had to wear a body-con dress underneath. With this dress on, I felt like going to salsa. I love the way the dress moves with the rhythm of my body. 

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