Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Spliced Cap

“Don’t hate what you don’t understand!”

Earrings: Body Central DIY Leather Accented Blazer: Vintage Snakeskin Top: Vintage Boyfriend Jeans: H&M Clogs: Steve Madden

Spliced Leather Sleeved Blazer
Fixed with Snakeskin
Topped off with Denim
and Steve

~Bon Appetite!

-After inheriting a large bag of vintage clothes, I felt like I was heaven. Sometimes when finding really good pieces, I ponder as to why someone would ever give up certain things. I go crazy when I misplace or loose one of my favorite pieces! >_<  I was in LOVE with this blazer which came from the vintage goodies I received. I couldn't take it off. I love how it has a satin lapel that's accented with a cord and tassel. I decide to spruce it up a bit and give it my touch by adding leather sleeves which were fairly easy. My problem with vintage, thrift hunting is that I will pick up anything; no matter if it's damaged or too big because I always have the intentions of turning it into something else. Well with my busy schedule and addiction to thrifting...I wound up with a bag labeled project pieces that I won't get to wear until a year later, due to my procrastination!! Tisk tisk tisk, the story of my life.

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