Tuesday, June 25, 2013

New York Diaries

-Although I went to New York like 2 weeks ago, I had the time of my life and wanted to share some of the experiences with you. Upon my journey, I HAD to stop at the infamous vintage boutiques
CrossRoads Trading Co., Buffalo Exchange, and Beacons Closet. Beacons was definitely my favorite out of the three. It was designed like a huge walk in closet: 3 crystal chandelliers, massive engraved European Antique mirrors, and the best hand selected vintage/ designer pieces. I couldn't resist after following them on Instagram and seeing all the wonderful finds that people post from their shop, to not go and find some treasures of my own; and I did and I suffered for it too. I had bought two pairs of wild pumps for the price of one $20.00 "Hello?!" and two irresistable summer dresses. I started off going in there only to be a personal shopper for my Aunt for an event we were going to and wounded up with a handful of items. The dresses I picked are perfect summer pieces: a fitted lace dress in the perfect pink so you don't look too girly, and a vintage Betsey Johnson sheer fitted long dress; ideal for wine and dine Date Night or a beach cover up. The third dress, the mini velour number is also a vintage Betsey Johnson piece that I discovered outside the store at a flea market. $5.00 how could you say no to that! And that's where my shopping adventures ended. Anymore and I would've had to purchase another suitcase for a day trip. I would LOVE to hear from you all if you have any suggestions of some cool, Must Shop At spots in New York!!!

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