Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Sequins for Brunch Anyone??

“The most beautiful makeup for a woman is passion. But cosmetics are easier to buy.”
–Yves Saint Laurent

With New York Rapper "She speaks fluent Hip Hop" Farrah Burns Check out her latest video here or follow her on Youtube: FarrahBurnstv Facebook or Twitter: @FarrahBurns
Beaded Sequin Top (worn as a dress) : thrift store bicycle shorts: H&M Sequin Purse: thrift store

Bicycle Shorts
Engulfed in Sequins Galore

Bon Appetit!

-Words can't even begin to explain how fun brunches are in New York. Especially if you go to Pranna off of Madison. A MUST!!! Every Sunday they hold a brunch where you can order a a variety of breakfast- lunch items a la carte for an entire table or if you're with a group or from the menu regularly. The food is AMAZING!! I never would've thought pairing chicken wings, chicken pineapple salad, fries, strawberry and blueberry pancakes, and white cheddar shelled macaroni and cheese would pair so well together. Oh and not to mention bottomless Mimosas, Bloody Mary's, and Bellini's, Ummm HELLO?!?! Can you say yummmm... Imagine a table filled to capacity with great friends and food galore, mingling and the entire time their's a dj spinning House/ Hip- Hop music. Evryone's swaying while eating their food. After a couple of hours, they remove the tables and this cute lounge/ restaurant turns into a bumping party. People are climbing ontop of ledges dancing and no one is without a cup in their hand. Very Live! So I brunched with my beautiful Aunt and her lovely friends and had the time of my life. The fun didn't stop there... after this one ended, we then headed to a rooftop brunch and had even more fun there!! Suprisingly, I wasn't drunk or exhausted.

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