Wednesday, June 5, 2013

We Don't Dress for Occasions, this is Everyday

“Dressing is a way of life.”
–Yves Saint Laurent


Tortoise Shades: Ebay Chandelier Earrings: Thrift Store DIY Versace Inspired DIY Cutout Top: Thrift Store Pencil Skirt: WetSeal Gold Skinny Chain Belt: Thrift Store Satin Peep Toe Heels: Barefeet Box Clutch: Thrift Store

Versace inspired back cutout top
covered in a white pencil skirt
tossed with a
gold skinny chain belt
topped off with red satin peep toes
and round tortoise shades
Bon Appetit!

-I Love how this top reminds me of something from Versace's resort collection. I have altered the top by first cutting a striaght line right under the neck line to 3in right above the bottom of the top and then hemming the stray ends. The top is then worn backwards. For some reason, the top looked better worn backwards vs. worn regularly. I think it's sexy to have that back action because I feel a women's spine is one of our most beautiful attributes. Our spines make us look long and elegant, that's why I believe good posture is important. If you read my previous blog, I posted 2 different looks to where to a graduation or grad event in case some of you may have been caught in a fickle. This outift I'm in is what I wore to one of the graduations I attended this month. I had to attend my brother's college graduation so I wanted to look sophisticated and sexy; nothing over dressed, but enough to make a statement.

-P.S I Hope everyone had a memorable weekend!!

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