Monday, July 1, 2013

90's Geisha

“Being normal is boring.”
Marilyn Monroe

Velvet Crop Top: Thrift Store Floral Skirt: Thrift Store Belt: Thrift Store Peep Toe Strap Ups: Vintage Michael Kors

A Dash of Velvet
Smothered in Floral Upholstered like Style 
With a hint of Michael Kors

~Bon Appetit!

-Wearing this outfit made me feel like a little geisha. I like this crop velvet top that I fell upon at the thrift store one day. I like that it has such a 90's vibe to it. Instead of creating a 90's throwback attire, I opted for pairing it with this interesting skirt which I also found at the thrift store. Yes both items came from the thrift store! (Shop with me and I'll help you find the coolest attire for the low). I was attracted to this skirt because it made me think of an antique upholstered couch. So yeah... I guess I'm wearing a couch now like Kim K did at the Met Gala ^--^

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