Friday, July 5, 2013

Felines Wait for the Bus Too

"Stop waiting to be who you already are!"

DIY: Ribbed Crop Turtleneck Midi Leopard Pencil Skirt: kittieviktor pointy toe heels: Buffalo Exchange Belt: Thrift Store

Indulge in a ribbed crop turtleneck
Smothered in a leopard midi pencil skirt
and laced with
snakeskin pointy toe heels

~Bon Appetit!

-Probably one of my favorite shots that I've done with my brother. I love the fact that I can help him and watch his craft grow before my eyes. I support his goals in every way! He's been doing all of the photography for my blog and feel like a proud Momma to say that he FINALLY has a website for his work as well as business cards. If you're in the DMV area and are looking to build your portfolio or if you have a business and need some pictures visit his website Oneshotcloser For his shoots I am also offering my services as a stylist if needed and creative director. 

-I am proud to finally be able to wear this skirt that I ordered from the lovely Bree of She sells vintage garments, as well as accessories, shoes, luggage, and purses. Follow her on Instagram @breewylde ad check out her website. I not only LOVE the length on this skirt but the fact that it's made of cotton! The material gives you a lot of room to not only breathe but move, dance, climb, ride a bike, whatever your verb may be; not to mention her prices are super affordable!! This skirt is versatile enough to be worn casual or formal. I paired it with my Mom's old turtleneck which I sliced the sleeves and made into a crop top (Sorry Ma! I think she's used to me cutting eveyrthing she owned by now). I'm not sure who invented sleeveless turtlenecks but they're great for bald headed people like me...when the only thing on your body that's cold is your neck and this way you don't have to wear a scarf. 
- You all are probably noticing a little trend with my last couple of posts...the 90's vibes. I swear I'm not doing it on purpose and I'm not one to fall for trends. It just so happens that my recent load of clothes that I washed shrunk and now I'm forced to cut all my shrunken tops into midriffs because I couldn't bare to throw anything away!

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