Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Flower Bed

“If you let judgments from the people in this world run rampant in your soul you will lose your mind.”
-Alex Elle

Photos Courtesy of:
Wool Floppy Hat:
Walmart Chandelier Earrings: Thrift Store Embroidered Top: Vintage Pleated Pajama Style Shorts: H&M Flatforms: Rugged Wearhouse

Emroidered flowers
minced with pajama style shorts
accompanied by
a floppy hat
~Bon Appetit!
-These pictures were a collaboration I did with photographer Olivia. She bookings she can be contacted at I love how natural her shots look. No editing was needed.
-I love how these pictures turned out being that we were rushing for time to beat the thunderstorm that was heading our way. Literally as soon as we finished shooting, it down poured. Lately I've just been throwing together casual looks. This is just a simple pair of loose fitting shorts paired with a blousey top and a hat in case it rained. These flatforms, although they look like they're made of wood actually aren't. (I could only imagine how uncomfortable that would be, including the count on blisters)  Not to mention, they're really comfortable and this may sound cheesy but they're velcro. How simple can getting dressed be with these puppies. No more awkward bending, crouching, or laying on the floor just to strap a pair of sandals for me. 

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