Friday, July 12, 2013

Just Skin

“Don’t ever let anyone dull your sparkle.”

Photos Courtesy of:
Crystal Earrings: Body Central Circle Shades: Ebay Sequin Jacket: Vintage Leotard: American Apparel Braided Pearl Belt: Thrift Store Boyfriend Jeans: H&M Strappy Ankle Heels: Cross Roads Trading Co. 

Sexy Leotard
Topped with Sequins Galore
and Boyfriend Jeans
With a side of snakeskin cobalt blue pumps
~Bon Appetit!

-Note: I AM NOT a fan of pants, especially jeans. I love the freedom of wearing a skirt or dress, not to mention the feeling of femininity. A pair of pants has to really be screaming at me to get me in them. But I have to say, boyfriend pants are comforting because it reminds me of sweatpants. You just put them on with no fuss and it's like instantly everything in your closet is coherent with it. Too bad my boyfriend is extremely lofty otherwise he may have discovered a handful of his pants missing. I paired the boyfriend jeans with a leotard from American Apparel where they're currently putting a lot of their bodysuits on sale now!! I LOVE the sequin jacket I'm wearing with it, although I feel that I don't wear it enough because I have a hard time knowing what to pair with it. I would love to hear any suggestions! The texture of the snakeskin shoes I'm wearing along with the color I feel helps to brake up the tedious monochromatic ordeal that's happening.
Have a beautiful weekend!

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