Monday, July 15, 2013

MD. Vegas. LA

-Here are a few pictures from the trip my boyfriend and I took last weekend for his Birthday. We stayed in LA of course and drove to Vegas for the day. Boy was that a scary drive at night!! Whipping and weaving through the mountains and what not. We stalked a celebrity (Usher), spotted some celebrity homes (house from Fresh Prince of Bel Air) and you know did other touristy things. Ran through little Tokyo where everyone was dressed in cos! (Too cute!) We saw Venice Beach of course and went to the Santa Monica Pier which is beautiful by night by the way!! Shopped Rodeo Drive and Melrose Trading Post!! (Totally wish they had one out on the East Coast) By the time our trip was over, I was soooo tired and ready for another vacation to recover from this one! What summer vacations are you guys going on ?

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