Friday, July 19, 2013


“Surround yourself with people who believe in your dreams.”

Photos Courtesy of: One Shot Closer Photography
Crystal Earrings: Body Central Sports Bra Vest Jacket: Vintage DIY Cutoff Blazer Belt: Thrift Store Paisley Trousers: Thrift Store Strap up Peep Toed Heels: Vintage Michael Kors

DIY satin vest
garnished with paisley 
and a hint of beaded delicacey
~Bon Appetit!

-This vest was actually a blazer once upon a time. That is until I hacked the sleeves off. I was debating on donating it to charity prior to the DIY massacre because although I liked the color and the length, I didn't want to look like an extra in the Matrix. So I modernized it and now I can't stop thinking about what else to pair it with in my closet; not to mention how many other blazers I'm considering murdering. Summer has been confusing this year so layering has been an option considering it keeps fluxuating between hot and cold. (Womp womp) I wore my "new" vintage vest with some vintage paisley trousers, this awesome vintage beaded cumerbund scored from the thrift store of course, and a sports bra because it bes like that sometimes. You ever have those days where like you feel you have nothing to wear. Yeaaaaahhh so that was me and I don't buy enough tops because I'm always in sweaters or dresses. So as a result, I came to the conclusion of just sporting cool sports bras for the summer. Stay tuned for more posts on them and as always I'd love to know what you think!!

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