Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Swing my Way

“A woman should always dress to be remembered, not simply to be noticed.”

-men's oversize shirt (mine was thrifted)
-Or sewing machine 
-Extra fabric for the front of the shirt
-Fabric Chalk/ pencil/ pen

DIY How To:
  1.  Start by tracing diagonal lines on the entire back of the shirt. Make sure to draw each no less than 3in wide because when you cut and wash the shirt, it will shrink

2.  Cut all of your slits (following your guide lines) and cut the top of every other strip disconnecting it entirely from the shirt
3. With your strips that you cut off the shirt lay it horizontally along your shirt pinning it in placeon one side. (Space the strips out, making sure they're not placed too close together) Begin weaving the strips from the bottom and sides laying one row over the other.

4. Hand sew or using a machine, sew the strips on the side of the shirt so they are secure. Do the same for the strips at the bottom of the shirt.
5. With your alternative fabric cut out a cross and sew that into place on the fron to f the shirt.

Photo Courtesy of: One Shot Closer 

- I had fun shooting this besides the fact that this mulch was like quicksand because it had just rained. So the poses you see here are actually me trying to be gracefull on this swing and avoid falling and getting my foot swallowed!! This shirt was a DIY. I have posted the pictures of step by step directions/ tutorial on how to. It was as simple as getting an oversized shirt from the mens department of the thrift store, cutting strips, and sewing extra fabric onto the front and the shoulders. I paired it with my leather rolled up shorts, creepers, and beanie I adore from D&LBR

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