Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Autumn Falls Inspires

Autumn Falls

River Island , $46 / By Malene Birger leather coat / Hot pants / Knee high boots / MICHAEL Michael Kors snake boots, $150 / Leith slouch beanie / Smashbox lips makeup

Sadly summer is dwindling to an end and I have yet to wear all my summer attire! Is anyone else as depressed as me??? Everyday it gets colder and colder, especially at night. To resolve my postsummer clothing issues, I have decided that I will layer my summer clothes; like lace dresses paired with a plaid flannel as Phillip Lim is currently trending and using coverups such as trench coats or fur coats to keep my legs warm, and shorts paired with open toe boots. Summer may be leaving but I am still determined to wear my summer clothes! Take a look at the lookbook I have put together, it includes the awesome shoot that Amanda Seyfried did for Elle's August issue. She looks stunning styled in an edgy grunge 90's vibe. I have also included some items that I'm currently admiring and am inspired by.

I am also looking to change my image around October since that's my birthday; now that my hair has almost grown out to the length that I've been wanting but have been previously too impatient to wait for. I hate looking the same for too long. I like to keep my look very diverse; every change feels like a breath of fresh air. I have posted a couple of picture of hair lengths and colors that I'm currently admiring. What do you think??

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