Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Car Troubles

           “If you have good thoughts, they            will shine out of your face like sunbeams
 and you will always look lovely.”
-Roald Dahl

Photos Courtesy of: One Shot Closer
Fitted T Shirt:
 Donibe Skinny Gold Snake Belt: Thrift Store High Slit Skirt: DIY Thrift Store Platform Heels: Marshalls
Fiited Tee by Donibe
prepared with extremly high slits
accompanied with deco platforms
~Bon Appetit!
I hope everyone had a really fantastic weekend! Mine was super fun and now I'm really exhausted! I wish I had another day to recoup because as of rigth now... I can't stop yawining. I guess that is what you do when you're young, try to squeeze literally every ounce of fun and excitement into every chance you get; even if it means staying up for two nights straight, running off of multiple energy drinks, giant slurpees, sun bathing, shopping, partying, and whatever else we crazy kids do, before we're forced into the monotnous routine 9-5 work life where we eat, sleep, and wake to do the same exact thing again! Anywho... I spent my weekend thrifting all around Northern Virginia  where I snagged some really cool pieces including a Polaroid camera and Ralph Lauren attire. (Yeah I was def super cised about those!) I was also lucky enough to go to the beach without running into any summer showers which has been very rare this summer. It has literally been raining like every other day!! What did you all spend your weekend doing??


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