Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Running in the 90's

You never influence the world 
trying to be like it.”

Photography: One Shot Closer
Shades: My Boyfriend's Cropped Muscle T Shirt: DIY Versace - Esque Belt: Thrift Store Cropped Track Pants: Marshalls Peep Toe Heels: Vintage Michael Kors Gold Jewelry: Thrift Store

Lunch:Tender DIY Crop Muscle Shirt

paired with
Cropped Track Pants
and topped off with
Vintage Michael Kors
Peep Toe Heels

~Bon Appetit!

-It's official and let the countdown begin...8 more days until New York Fashion Week!!!! I am UBER excited with the idea of going. I have SOoOooOo... many ideas of outfits scarambled in my head like eggs right now, especially being that this will be my first time attending. I know how I can be when it comes to packing and I want to avoid overpacking or psyching myself into buying anything that I will think that I will need for my trip. I have too many "I'm buying/ saving this for a special occassion" outfits. But I'm not sure if I want to dress sporty, which I'm sure EVERYONE will be rocking, or do what I do best and that's stand out in some off the wall ensemble that I will try to make last minute... Stay Tuned...And if anyone has any tips or suggestions for first timers at NYFW, please share!!!

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