Monday, August 19, 2013

Swimsuits and Fur Coats

  “What if every day is the perfect day to finally be exactly who you were always meant to be?”
-Tyler Knott Gregson

Photography: One Shot Closer
Walmart Half Tint Circle Shades: Ebay Bathing Suit: Herve Leger Shaggy Coat: INC Peep Toe Heels: Vintage Michael Kors

Mono Bathing Suit
A la' Bandage style
smothered in shaggy fur

~Bon Appetit!

-Summer is officially but sadly over with the start of a new school year today. For any young kids or teenagers that read my blog, I want to share something very valuable and important with you to remember as you get older and are trying to find yourself in life, "DARE TO BE DIFFERENT!" I believe in freedom of originality and self expression whether it's fashion, arts, music, or whatever. Don't be afraid to be looked at weirdly because you look different form the rest.One day, those same people that looked at you funny are going to wish they gave you the time of day or took the time to get to know you. Why?? Because you posses something special that they don't have. While you're being you, they're going to be secretly trying to be like you. You'll never be noticed trying to fit in with the crowd or being like everyone else. 

For everyone else, I hope you had a great weekend! I really had fun with this shoot because the atmosphere was unbelievably sickening. As much as I enjoy the posh scene, I can't ignore how beautiful a grunge scenery can capture my attention too. This cliff had so much artwork, it was hard to focus on the shoot without trying to read the graffiti or wondering how people were able to create art 20 ft above water. Little places like this make me really appreciate the people that contributed their time and energy to inspire someone else as I do for you all!!

BTW: BIG Thank you to my lovely Sister in Law for the sick swimsuit!!!

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