Monday, September 30, 2013

Behind the Scenes: Editorial Bridal Shoot

 -I wanted to share with you all an exclusive behind the scenes look of a Bridal shoot I did. It was sooooo... much fun working with these beautiful ladies and it was fun role palying. I've never been in a wedding, but I'm sure it couldn't have been as calm and easy as it was for me to play the part. I'm sure there's a frantic bride, crying babies, a supposedly wild bachelorette party the night before, and plenty of bubbly the day of right??? Well the illusion was there. The team that put this shoot together did a magnificent job creating the imagery of a vintage romantic style wedding, so good that I often thought I heard church bells in the background. There was a decadent looking pearl and leaf cake, glass table wear, edible glitter macroons (at least I think the glitter was edible) that tasted like strawberry poptarts, and pearled white chocolate covered fudge cake pops. You did not know how anxious I was for them to say "That's a wrap..." So that I could stuff my mouth with all the beautiful and tasty edible arrangements. Stay tuned for the final pictures.

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