Sunday, September 29, 2013

Chicken and Rice Casserole

Chicken and Rice Casserole

-Velveeta Cheese
-Boneless Chicken Breasts
-French Onion Dip
-1/4 Cup of Milk (or other milk substitute)

1. Start by cooking (steaming) your rice. We cook this first because it takes the longest to finish.

2. Rinse and then mince your broccoli into fine pieces. Add to a pot of water and remove once it turns a vibrant green 

3. Drain excess water and sit to the side

4. Rinse your peppers of choice and then cut (using only a 1/4 of the peppers depending on your personal preference) 

5. Season your chicken to taste. I just used garlic and onion power/ salt. Add to a pan/ skillet with a little oil and cook on medium heat

6. Cook chicken until it turns brown, occasionally flipping so that both sides are thoroughly cooked. Remove from heat. 

7. Dice the chicken

8. Put the chicken back into your pan or skillet with your cut up peppers and sautee` on low.

9. Cut the Velveeta cheese into chunks. (I only used half of the cheese) The more cheese you add, the cheesier the meal

10. By now, your rice should be done steaming. Add it to a separate  pan (one with a little depth to hold the meal) adding a little bit of oil. We want to slightly fry the rice so it doesn't get soggy when the other ingredients are added. Make sure to stir frequently so it doesn't stick. 

11. Combine half of your sauteed chicken/ peppers, broccoli. Mix/ blend together

12. Add 4 dollops of French Onion, along with a 1/4 cup of milk. Make sure to keep stirring so nothing sticks to the pan. 
13. Add the remainder of the sauteed chicken/ peppers, broccoli and cheese. Stir until the cheese melts and you have a nice consistency. If needed, add more milk.

~Bon Appetit!

-I would love to hear your thoughts on this meal. Was it easy to make, were my instructions helpful, and how did it taste???

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