Monday, September 23, 2013


-Blaring in the background is a mix between Beyonce's upbeat vibes, Rihanna's sultry reggae tones, and 2 Chainz's mumbled Dr. Suess rhymes. Meanwhile the lights are altering between being dimmed and brightened depending on the outfits. As Jai is doing her thing in the spotlight of his camera, the photographer alters from being positioned on his knees, climbing on a ladder, or being directly in Jai's face. Wherever she goes, he goes. He is her shadow. She stretches her limbs in a various sequence of awkward poses to the sound of my voice coaching her. Her gaze... is always on point though! An occasional brush to her Barbie tresses and a tweak to readjusting the garments by KAS, Jai repositions herself into the next fierce pose. 

These are the results of the shoot that I did last week with stylist/ designer KAS and model Jai. I'm impressed with the overall look for having so little time to prepare for this. I loved how diverse every look was from the clothes, to the change up on the hair, to the background selection. 

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