Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Jimie Hendrix

 “If you’re lucky enough to be 
different, don’t ever change.”


Photography: One Shot Closer
Hat: Walmart Suede Fringe Vest: Vintage Trousers: Marshalls Leopard Platforms: Ebay

-Good morning All. Today I was feeling in a very hippy, nonchalant, free spirited kind of way hence the suede fringe vest. I was inspired by musician Jimie Hendrix. The way he can put together an outfit was Amazing. I love the choice of patterns that were mixed and intertwined with other patterns. To anyone else who may have worn this combo you probably would have been like WTF, but he had such a cool swag about him that nobody questioned or thought twice about his style. These platforms are the business by the way. My favorite pair of shoes that I own that I bought from Ebay. I definitely need more varieties of these in my life. Fashion Week ladies and gentleman is 4 days away and I'm growing more and more anxious. I hope I don't end up bitting down all of my nails (bad habit when I'm anxious or nervous) prior to the show. No one likes nubs! Have a great week!!

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