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-These pictures were captured from day 3 of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and my official first day!! To be honest I was really nervous and didn't know at all what to expect; except of course the obvious glitz and glamour of the expected fashion both on the runway and from those who traveled across the world to attend this event. Amongst my journey, I networked with so many independent and fashion driven individuals which was really motivating. As well I met so many bloggers, including some of my favorite like Swedish angel Angelica from and Ukraine goddess and sweetheart Ascia from It was definitely a very eventful day that started early and ended late, but VERY worth every minute.
-Ok, now let's talk fashion because after all that is why you come here! I noticed that the majority of fashion officials (that being the people who are probably fashion ambassadors or editors of some sort that walked with purpose and didn't crack not a sly of smile, nor acknowledge the heap of paparazzi that engulfed them from the time they nonchalantly strutted as they entered the show til they left) wore black monotonously. I didn't know whether I was at a funeral or a fashion show... The streetstyle on the other hand, was very diverse and well thought out. The intertwining of different prints was in the air. Whether it was patchwork denim, or wearing two different washes of denim, audacious 80's throwback prints, leopard with floral, or polka dots with stripes.

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