Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Cafe Au Lait

“Style is not a display of wealth, but an expression of imagination”


Wool Floppy Hat: Walmart Leather Jacket: Vintage Michael Kors Inspired Dress: Thrift Store Velvet Ankle Boots: Thrift Store
Photography By: One Shot Closer

Sucks when the weather is a tad bit too breezy to wear a dress by itself. But pairing your toughest leather jackets will do you justice. It will also instantaneously turn just a simple dress into a rocker chic look. My legs however, oddly enough, hardly ever get cold. I think I trained them to be that way because stockings and tights always made me itch, not to mention give you wedgies... TMI... ok, whatev. Also with the help of cocoa butter, my legs are mostly bare fall and winter. I Love my newest thrift find, which happen to be these velvet booties. There were in very good condition! (hard to imagine why someone was donating it after what looks like 3 wears) Not to mention I bought them on a random Monday where certain thrift stores do 50% off. So I could not pass up this $4 bargain!! Happy Hump Day! 

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