Friday, October 25, 2013

Checker Board

“Life is… getting up an hour early to live an hour more!”

Oversized Plaid
accompanied with
 a plate of black
and a helping of
open toed Michael Kors
~Bon Appetit!

Sometimes all a girl needs are her basics. This weather is about as confusing as trying to decide on what flavor icecream to get.... Or maybe mot?? Any who, days like this, especially when you aren't going anywhere that significant I just go for things that make me feel comforting. I love this jacket that I made last year and have been waitng for the weather to cool to pair it with like everything. A Sports bra, a pair of slick pants, and some slick heels was what I was feeling at the moment.

-Hope you Beauts and Gents have a fabulous and safe weekend filled with pumpkin carving and haunted house hopping! Make sure you check out my Sundays post to learn how to make chicken dumplings...YUmmmmmmm!!!

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