Wednesday, October 2, 2013

DC Fashion Week DEUX

“Never give up. Great things take time.”

80's bomber jacket: Vintage Crop Turtlenck: DIY Leather Skirt: Vintage Snake skin Booties: Missoni

Colored bomber 
marinated in leather
and minced with snakeskin

~Bon Appetit!

-Last week I went to a social gathering for DC Fashion Week held at Dirty Martini. It turned out to be a big turnout! Bigger than I expected. While it was too dark and extremely crowded, I unfortunately couldn't snap much of the street style that was there. But the occasional times when I was forced into a corner or a wall while people were sliding by, I was able to snap some quick photos. I didn't want to overdress to this affair being that it was just a social hook up; so I wore my leather skirt (FINALLY, now that it's cooler at night!) a midriff turtle neck which I totally just cut the sleeves and bottom of an old dingy shirt. I paired it with this bomber that I have been dying to wear forever now since I got it at the Melrose Flea Market on my summer trip to LA. I topped the look off with my snakeskin booties to not make the black on black seem so redundant. 

Fashion Stylist Prim Heiress

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