Monday, October 14, 2013

Flower Child

“Forget the rules. If you like it, wear it.”

Pearl Crown: Pearl Necklace Leather Jacket: Vintage Daisy Dress: Thrift Store Chunky Boots: Mudd
Photos by: OneShotCloser

Vintage Dress
covered in Daisies galore
accompanied with aged leather
topped off with a garland of pearls

~Bon Appetit!

I hope everyone had a great weekend!! This shoot was inspired by Drew Barrymore, one of the 90's memorable female film icon. The 90's... an era where I was born and the Spice Girls were "Major!" as they used to say. A Line dresses were popular than ever, along with big chunky combat boots, acid washed jeans, and leather jackets. The more distressed the better. This dress that I'm wearing, I imagined belonged to a pregnant librarian. The length was originally floor length, and is actually from the maternity section... Guilty I know. But once I saw the daisy print, I knew I had to have it. With a snip along the bottom and a cinch to the waist, an easy DIY for anyone. My garland is actually a pearl necklace that I attached some bobby pins to. Get inspired, It's Monday!!!!


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