Friday, October 18, 2013


“Ordinary life does not interest me.”

-Anais Nin

Faux fur collar: Thrift Store Floral Blazer: Thrift Store Floral Tank: H&M Floral sheer maxi skirt: Thrift Store Beaded Belt: Thrift Store Snakeskin Boots: Ebay
Photography by: One Shot Closer

sheer, mesh, and fur
nestled warmly in a bed of flowers
Grated with a side of
~Bon Appetit!

-I couldn't decide on what pattern to wear.. so I wore all of it and this turned out to be my attempt on mixing prints. Voila! I'm wearing a slip top with a floral patterned blazer. This skirt actually had a nude slip attached to it that I snipped off completley. I'm trying to integrate more and more patterns however I don't really own that mean prints because for a while I didn't know how to wear them...Fashion isn't about guessing, it's about doing, and aking your own rules! Love you all and have a great weekend!!

P.S: Make sure to check out my blog on Sunday for a "How To..." cooking treat!

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