Monday, October 7, 2013

Just Because I Wear Black Does Not Make Me a Nun

“Sometimes you wish it was easier, but If it was, everyone else would do it, then you remember you don’t want to be like everyone else.”

Chunky Earrings: Thrift Store Aviators: Thrift Store Ribbed Midi Dress: Thrift Store Wedges: Rugged Wearhouse

Divine and tender ribbed midi dress
Garnished in gold
with a dollop of peep toe wedges
~Bon Appetit!
-For the days when the sun was warm enough to kiss our skin before hiding behind cold Autumn clouds and brisk breezes that bring goose bumps that crawl on our skin, I snuck this little number on. Although at night it would be ideal to pair with a leather moto jacket. I LOVE this midi dress. My ideal LBD that reminds me of Victoria Beckham back in her Posh Spice days. It's simple yet flattering. This is my female version of a white beater, comfortable and snug in all the right places and is made with ridges; which I believe gives it more of a relaxed vibe taking it from day to night with a simple switch of shoes.

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