Thursday, October 10, 2013

Slightly Embellished

“You are born and then you die, but in between you can do anything you want. It’s society that creates rules for us, but you can break out of that.” 

Embellished Shirt: Thrift Store Levi Shorts: Thrift Store Open Toe Shoes: Vintage 

Tops cooked unzipped for fuller flavor
Garnished with tiny glass beads and sequins
Accompanied by distressed Levis
and finished with Vintage Michael Kors heels

~Bon Appetit!

-In what is probably some homeless mans home or bathroom even, I am here taking pictures. A lonely flower that has grown so beautifully out of rubble with no food and water scarcely rationed. Concrete Rose. When I see graffiti I can't help but to gravitate towards it like a moth to a flame. To know or to understand the motives of this rebels work that some call art while others may call it gang related trash.
My favorite vintage piece would definitely be my growing collection and array of sequin and beaded tops, jackets, and dresses. The craftmanship and meticullous hand work that went into creating these pieces make me appreciate it even more. Plus it reminds me of Balmain. I love pairing the sequin/ beaded tops, (like the one I'm wearing) with boyfriend jeans or denim shorts. I feel it relaxes the look a little more without looking like Tina Turner or like your about to go to a debutant ball. I especially love clasping it at the back and leaving it fully unzipped to make the look sexier.

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