Sunday, November 17, 2013

Egg Fu Young

-Bean Sprouts
-Ground Meat (or shrimp)

1. Start by preparing your meat like this. (Minus the mangos and feta cheese) 

2. Preheat your pan and add enough oil to cover the entire pan

3. Crack about 3 eggs  (feeds 3 people) 

 4. Set eggs to the side, but do not whisk yet as we will be coming back to it later. 

 5. Take your pre mixed meat and add it to the pan. We're just lightly cooking it since it raw, just until it turns a greyish color.

6. Remove your meat from the pan and allow to cool. Or if you're impatient like me, add it to your eggs and whisk, blending all the ingredients.

 7. Add about 1/4 cup of oil to the pan and allow about 30- 45 secs for the oil to heat up

8. Using a laddel or soup spatula, scoop of your egg mixture

9. Pour it into the pan trying to keep everything in close proximity. The eggs will run but you don't want them spread across the entire pan. So you may have to use your spoon to control the eggs. 

10. Start by taking some of the oil from the pan and pouring it over the eggs to cook it a lot faster.  

 11. The eggs will begin to cook a lot faster now and the edges will go from white to a golden brown. Now you're ready to flip.

12. Flip the eggs. Allow to cook for about 1min and 30 sec. on the other side. 

13. Remove from heat. 

~Bon Appetit!

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