Sunday, November 3, 2013


This is me forcing all of my siblings to carve pumpkins, all while watching "It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown."

                            Sneak peek behind the scenes and pics of the photo shoot that I modeled and styled
The epic Drake Concert

Me as the Joker for a photo shoot and my Boyfriend and I at the ballet and concert

DIY pearl crown Beaded Dress: Vintage Suede Booties: WetSeal

-I apologize for the irregular postings last week, but the last two weeks have been CRAAAZZYY! In a good way... Between work and photo shoots; not to mention my birthday which was on Hallows Eve and Halloween of course! For my birthday my boyfriend surprised me by taking me to see Gisele: a ballet about love (how romantic, sigh..). I would definitely recommend it to anyone interested in seeing a ballet, as well as the Nutcracker and I promise you won't be disappointed. On Halloween we went to see Drake, which btw was AMAZING! I was truly impressed and am very proud of him as I have been following his career since he was on the show Degrassi.
- I couldn't have picked a better time to wear this dress. It was only sitting in my closet for 2 yrs with the price tags on. But there's just some outfits that I believe you can't just wear any where; you have to have right occasion. If you ask me how old I am, I may hesitate only because I haven't blown any candles out in 2 years. But at 23, I love the woman I am finally growing into: more confident, and outspoken for what I believe in, wiser, and knowing what I want from life. I feel like now I am in more control of my life and what happens to it. So Happy Birthday to ME! Thank you to everyone who follows me on Instagram and Facebook that gave me their blessings. Love you all!!!!

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