Sunday, November 10, 2013


-Four cheese tortellini (you can substitute for other flavors)
-Roasted Red Peppers Alfredo
-Can of Sweet Peas
-Garlic clove
-Boneless Chicken Breast

 I used 2 packets to serve 8 people

 1. Add your tortellini to a pot of boiling water with a capful of oil to prevent the noodles from tearing or sticking. Follow the packaging directions on how long to cook the noodles for.

 2. Add a capful of oil to a pan then add your boneless chicken breast. 

 3. Allow your chicken to cook for about 2 mins. season to taste (add curry) and then flip. 
SN: We don't want to cook it thoroughly, just until the meat turns white on both sides. As we will be recooking it.

 4. By now your noodles should be ready. Remove from heat and drain. Sit to the side.

5. Remove the chicken from the heat. Allow to cool and then dice into chunks. 

6. Take out your peppers, garlic clove, and 1/4 of an onion

 7. Mince your garlic like above

 8. Dice your onion into moderate sizes

 9. Cut a little less than 1/2 of the pepper. Remove the seeds and insides. Chop into moderate size. 

 10. Add either a scoop of butter or a capful of oil to a pan. Then add your cut up additives (onions, garlic, peppers) Cook for about 1 minute.
SN: Make sure you are using a big enough pan to hold all the ingredients, including the noodles

 11. Drain your can of sweet peas. 

 12. Add the drained peas. Cook for an additional minute then add your chunks of chicken. 

13. Begin gradually adding some of your Roasted Red Peppers sauce to the pan, as well as a handful of noodles. Mix together. Continue this process until you've added all the ingredients. Allow to cook for 2 mins or until everything is hot. Make sure to stir occasionally so nothing sticks to the bottom of the pan.
SN: This ensures proper mixing of all the ingredients. 

Option: Top off with shredded cheese

~Bon Appetit!

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