Monday, December 30, 2013

Disco Queen

“The quirky things that make you different are what make you beautiful. So embrace them!”
-Lily Collins

Turban: Beauty Supply Store Earrings: Ebay Sequin Jacket: Thrift Store Sequin Belt: Thrift Store Vintage Betsey Johnson Velvet Dress: Flea Market DIY Crystal Suede ankle Boots: WetSeal
Vintage Velvet
Smothered in sequins and beads
topped with Suede
and crystals
~Bon Appetit!

With The Year "Finally" coming to a close, I am excited for a fresh new start and beginning to my new life. Each year I make it vital to  learn more about who I am as a woman and an individual because no one knows you better than your self. I believe everyone has a purpose in life and I want to find out what mine is. Until then I want to continually grow character, practice patience, and master being in control over my life through my everyday action, reactions, and energy. I am more than ecstatic and have great anticipation for the New Year being that I will be seeing the ball drop in New York live for the first (and probably last) times. It's one of those "Things To Do Before You Die List." Can't wait but I just hope the weather holds up since they've been getting a lot of snow. Happy Festivities and New Years my Loves!!!

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