Monday, December 30, 2013

Sour Puss

“Art should disturb the comfortable and comfort the disturbed.”

Fuzzy Jumper: Charlotte Russe Pleather Skirt: Forever 21 Vintage leopard Boots: Ebay 
Tough leather
paired with notes of Neon
and accompanied with
a splash of leopard

~Bon Appetit!

I am not a fan of neon but after recently lightening my hair, it's safe to say that it has made my complexion seem lighter, and so most colors I wouldn't dare of wearing, now compliment me. It's still winter, so I couldn't imagine pairing this top with another completley bright piece and what other way to toughen up such a bright color than black leather. I had to pair it with my new boots that I'm totally obsessed over and my other ones which I'm sure you'll see soon which are snake skin. I bought them both for under $10 on Ebay (my favorite go-to hidden place for vintage goodies). So don't mind me if the next 3 months these are the only shoes you see in my posts :)

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