Friday, January 31, 2014

Rolling Stones & Snake Skin

“Create your own style…Let it be unique for yourself & yet identifiable for others.”

-Anna Wintour

T Shirt: Vintage Faux Fur Vest: Kenneth Cole Leather Moto Jacket: Flea Market Skirt: Walmart Snakeskin Boots: Ebay

Rolled in glitter
Accompanied by a vintage Tee
Covered in Aged Leather
and Emerald Green Faux Fur

~Bon Appetit!

I am so in love with my vintage snakeskin knee high boots that I bought off of Ebay for $5.00. I haven't figured out to incorporate them into an everyday look, but I love challenges! What makes them even more great is their chunky platform heels so I can get long wear out of them on any occassion. Fashion Week is around the corner, is anyone else excited to see the next season's fashion?