Monday, January 6, 2014

Thai Fried Rice

-1/2 of an onion
-2 TBSP minced garlic
-jasmine rice (steamed)
-Boneless chicken breasts
-Sesame ginger sauce
-Teriyaki sauce
-Soy sauce
-2 eggs

1. Cut your half on an onion into chunks and set aside

2. Season to taste your boneless chicken (I use garlic and onion powder)

3. Add a little bit of oil to a skillet on med heat. Then add your sliced onions and 2 tbsp of minced garlic into the skillet. Gradually add 1/4 cup of water to the pan so the onions and garlic don't stick or dry out. 
4. Add your now sesoned boneless meat tot he pan and allow to cook evenly on both sides.

5. Add soy, sesame ginger, and teriyaki sauce on the chicken. Allow to cook for an additional one minute before removing from the heat. (Once the chicken is cool, cut into smaller strips/ chunks)
6. Combine all 3 sauces into a bowl along with 1 tbsp of sugar. Stir and set to the side.

7. To cut the pineapple, start by laying the pineapple down on its side. Using a sharp knife cut from the top center until you reach the bottom. (Make sure you cut through the pineapple to be able to break it in 1/2. You make have to go over your incision a couple of times before the pineapple splits, depending on the sharpness of your knife)

8. Lay your pineapples face up in the aluminum pan. Cut four sections into each of the pineapple and use the knife to take out each section (being careful not to cut through the pineapples)

9. Using a spoon, scrape the bottom and sides of the pineapple until it's a smooth surface. Put all insides of the pineapple including the juice into a separate container.

10. Take a couple of pineapple chunks and cut into smaller chunks. 
11. Place your small diced pineapples into the sauce mixture as well as some of the pineapple juice. 

12. In your pan add 3 tbsp of oil. Once the pan is hot add your steamed and rice and begin to fry your rice (being sure to mix and stir the rice so it fries evenly)
13. Add your sauce mixture into a separate skillet on low. Constantly stir to dissolve the sugar. After 2 minutes pour half of the contents over your fried rice along with your cut chicken. Stir to evenly distribute.

14. In a bowl crack your two eggs and whisk.
15. Pour whisked eggs into a small pan. Stir like your making scrambled eggs.
16. Once your eggs are no longer runny, remove from heat and add in with your fried rice mixture.

17. Mix all contents together until thoroughly blended.

18. Scoop fried rice mixture into your pineapples using a spoon and pat down to increase more space. Add remainder sauce mixture into your pineapple bowl and put in oven at 300 degrees. Cook for 10 minutes to allow he fried rice to fully become saturated by the juices of the pineapple and sauce.

 ~Bon App├Ętit!

-You can top off this meal with scallions. For meat, you can opt. chicken for ham or shrimp. Hope you enjoy.

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