Sunday, February 23, 2014

Chili Mac

-ground turkey
-1 can of tomato sauce
-cheddar and mozzarella shredded cheese
-1 box of cornbread mix
- bag of scoops Tortillas


1. (preheat oven ) Prepare cornbread as the instructions on the back of the box states. Put in the oven.
2. Start cooking your meat, making sure to mash to avoid clumps and constantly flip to ensure thorough cooking. Season with Oreagon, garlic and onion powder. Set to the side  once It's done cooking. 
3. Once the cornbread Is done, take It out of the oven, but leave the oven on.
4. Spread a good helping of cheeses, covering the entire cornbread.
5. Pour 1/2 of the can of tomato sauce over the cornbread. Spread evenly. 
(Option: add 1 tsp of sugar to the tomato sauce for extra flavor)
 6. Take spoonfuls of your cooked ground meat and spread it evenly over the sauce and cornbread.
 7. Add the remainder of the tomato sace over the meat and cornbread. Spread evenly.

 8. Add more handfuls of cheese baby! Load it on! Put in the oven and allow to cook for 15-20 minutes.

Start scooping!

~Bon Appetit!

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