Monday, February 3, 2014

Weekend Rewind






Here is a recap of my weekend. It consisted of me going to the thrift store and going to the movies with my hubby. With the countdown to Fashion Week being less than a week away, I have had my outfits planned out since the last Fashion Week in August. I am a little.. ok I lied, I'm dreading the cold unbarable weather anticipated so I have been racking up on faux furs and altering my prepicked shoe options in case it snows. It just so happens that I found a nice white faux fur at the thrift store for $15! And have also bought two other faux furs on Ebay for under $20 in which I think I will be bringing them all to New York. I have been doing my research on what others wear to fashion week this time of year (consisting of beautiful bright accessories and furs) and I have become a wee bit obsessed due to my excitement for being able to go again. Above are a collection of some things that have inspired me, especially hair ideas. Hope everyone had a great weekend and a positive and happy Monday!!

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