Monday, March 10, 2014

22 Jump Street

Twiggy: What is your profession?
Siee: I'm a fashion stylist/ image consultant.

Twiggy:How do you create outfit ideas for new clients?
Siee: I go off of their personality, fashion is personality

Twiggy: How do you feel being a make up artist correlates with you and fashion?
Siee: Working at MAC helps me with fashion in so many ways. Fashion is also the way you are made up, your image. So being a make up artist helps me create different looks on different people.

Twiggy: Your style is so audacious! Do you ever second guess yourself when pulling an outfit idea?
Siee: Its crazy because I think of outfits in my head the night before lol then try it on. But I go with the mood I'm in, if im feeling bold/loud one day I'll put something bright on or add a bright lipstick.

Twiggy: When did you first start getting into fashion and how long did you take you to put a stamp on your individual look?
Siee: Through out my 22 years of life I've always been surrounded by fashionable people such as my mom and my aunts. So growing up with that introduced me to fashion. Finding my individual look wasnt hard at all, I always went with how I felt & not others judgement. I would say my style is very bold and fun.

Twiggy: How do you feel about your fashion sense standing out from a crowd full of normally dressed individuals?
Siee:  I love the uniqueness of the words "standing out". I consider my fashion sense not normal because I don't wanna look or be anyone else but ME! I've always been told to do my own thing & let the crowd follow.

Visit her website to get image consualtion at CopyCatStyles and be sure to follow her on Instagram: @badasssie

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