Monday, March 24, 2014

Ariana Soleil

Twiggy: Profession
Ariana Soleil: Student at F.I.T. Fashion Institute of Technology and Fashion Stylist
Twiggy: Favorite food
Ariana Soleil: Any type of chicken, I doesn't matter if its fried, grilled, baked, I LOVE CHICKEN!
Twiggy: Funny fact
Ariana Soleil: Well, I have lots of those lol But I'll just share a few...
I have a bad habit of pronouncing Arkansas as "Ar-can-sas". It's just so hard to remember lol I think they should just change that "s" at the end of the word, to a "w" people like me will remember how to pronounce it. Also I played basketball when I was younger and one time I shot the ball into the opponents basketball net , and that's when I knew I was supposed to be a fashion stylist!

Twiggy: Describe your style
Ariana Soleil: My style really changes daily. I dress based on my mood for the day. If I had to hash tag my style though it would be #creativefunk
Twiggy: How did you came up with the concept for your hair color?Ariana Soleil: I have been through so many hair colors within the past few months. My creative mind has been racing a lot lately and I figured why not show my creativity through my hair. Recently I have been inspired by Rihanna with the grey hair. I saw it on her and completely fell in love! I didn't want to completely copy her so I tweaked the hair style a little and did my own thing.
Twiggy: Something you can't live without
Ariana Soleil: Snacks and lipstick! I wouldn't be complete without the two. Its always a MUST that I have some type of snack in my purse and the perfect lip to match my wardrobe for the day.
Twiggy: Heels, flats or boots?
Ariana Soleil: It really depends on how I'm feeling that day. If I really had to choose, it would be a nice pair of vintage flats and some cool socks.


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