Sunday, March 16, 2014

Cinnabon Waffles

-1 Roll of Cinnabon Rolls (reg size not minis)
-Butter or Oil Spray
-Waffle Iron

 1. Remove the Cinnabons from the packaging, disconnect them from each other and lay on a plate

 2. Spray/ wipe down your waffle iron on the top and bottom to prevent the cinnamon from sticking
 3. Add 1 Cinnabon into the middle of the waffle iron. (If you have the Belgian waffle maker you can use 2 Cinnabons)
 4. Press down and hold firlmly to ensure that it cooks evenly. Cook for 2-3 minutes depending on your temperature settings.
 5. Remove carefully. Caution: It will be very hot from the cinnamon!
6. Add icing and enjoy!!
SN: Better if u warm up the icing first and then apply or buy icing in a jar!!!
~Bon Appetit!
I'm normally the barins when it comes to cooking. Looking up new recipes to try and all. But my boyfriend actually begged me to make this after he saw it on someone's tumblr. I had no idea what it looked like he just said we should make "Cinnamon Bun Waffles." I thought... how hard could that be but I failed the first time after putting 4 full size cinnamon buns in my small waffle iron and they didn't fully cook. After I was done being stubborn and lazy I Youtubed how to make it and it's really simple and easy to make. Plus extremley delicious!!!

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