Monday, March 17, 2014


Twiggy: How would you describe your style?
Tish:  Its actually hard to describe my style because I'm all over the place. I dress how I feel. Two things that all my outfits have in common are being fun and bold.
Twiggy: Besides putting bomb outfits together, what else do you do?
Tish: I absolutely love children so I work at a middle school. I also have a "passion for fashion" so I have an online boutique where I sell new and vintage pieces. I also do hair and every now and again I dabble in makeup, styling, and sewing.
Twiggy: Favorite food?
Tish: Ahh.. My favorite Food would have to be bread which makes it so hard to diet.

Twiggy: One random fact about you
Tish: I have a teeth and hand fetish. Lol. I'm totally obsessed with nice hands and teeth.

Twiggy: What is the recipe for a stylish outfit?
Tish: The recipe for a stylish outfit varies depending on the things you like. But I think every recipe should include CONFIDENCE and PERSONALITY!

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  1. I love her style! Bold