Monday, March 31, 2014


Twiggy: Name
Shelly: Shelly of Naked2Fashion

Twiggy: Profession
Shelly: I Am a Fashion Blogger and a Visionary

Twiggy:  How did you get into making clothes and do you design clothes for others?
Shelly: My friends are designers, never thought I'd be sewing too but it happened! I started working for a local fabric store and I just couldn't help it. I do design for others, not often because that's not my one of my focuses but if I do need extra money it helps.

Twiggy: You can't go anywhere without ....
Shelly: my iPhone! My phone has become my life, it ashamed but true.

Twiggy: What made you dye your hair?
Shelly:  Vanessa Hong/ The Haute Pursuit. She's awesome! Check her out.

Twiggy: What does your style day about you?
Shelly: A Laid Back/Tomboy that likes to wear heels.

Twiggy: What influences your style?
Shelly: My style is usually influenced by a lot of things. My mood, the weather, a person, a color, and/or trend.

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