Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Blogger Behavior March

Jacket: Ebay Jumper: Marshalls Skirt: Thrift Store Shoes: Thrift Store DIY Belts: Thrift Store

Loved this play on prints that I "attempted." This jumper actually came with a matching pencil skirt and I know that matching sets are in, but I didn't like the way they paired together. So I opted for a striped skirt instead and added the jacket and shoes as my "Wow" element to break up the mono boredom.
It's a dag on shame that it took me this long to publish this post which actually occurred almost a Month ago! I'm terrible..smh. Any who, these pictures was from an event that I started hosting once a month for a fashion related bodies. So whether you're a blogger, stylist, designer, photographer, etc in the DC, Maryland, and Virginia area, this is a way for us to network and get to utilize the people within our (my) surroundings. We brunched over bottomless Mimosas and Champagne at Beacon Bar & Grill. Amazing atmosphere, food, and for as large as our party was, not one cup was ever dry as the staff was amazing at refilling our cups so we could continue having a good talk. Met some wonderful new people and can't wait for the next one in a couple of weeks. Email me if you live in the area and are interested in attending.

*P.S: the smoked salmon and waffles were To Die For!!!!
 Hope everyone is having a GREAT week and Happy Hump Day!

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