Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Fashion At The Mansion







On Sunday I was invited to Fashion At The Mansion which was an extemely classy fashion show for a cause. All proceeds from the event was going to help benefit the Shirley's Angel Foundation to raise awareness and fund researct for pancreatic cancer. There was a total of 7 designers and the majority of them being young, self taught, and determined. I had the chance to speak with one of my favorite designers of the night David of De' Homme Clothing. Before even meeting the designer I was very intrigued by his designs, fashionable clothes that are edgy, staple wardrobe pieces, but also very comfortable. I was even more intrigued when I met the designer personally; his auora was meek and mysterious but with so many artistic standout qualities reminiscent of Basquiat. Dressed in an incognito Trench coat, Dark Wayfarer, and memorable hair he answered my questions in a passionately calm and collective manner (as if every word was a line from a sonnet) and ended each sentence with a smile. I had much respect for the artistic designer because he is self taught and wants to build an empire out of his home town of DC which is uncommon for DC natives; who often seek out branding their lines in New York and LA. All of items from his collection are a limited availability and after they are sold out, they are gone forever to keep consumers feeling exclusive and important.
The main feature of the night was from Nigerian designer Ola Raphael who actually had two presentations in the show; one for Resort and the other RTW. After speaking with the designer after the show, he told me that much of his influence for the collection comes from his culture but also from inspiration of the fabrics. When he sees a print that speaks to him, he will buy it immediately and build his collection from there. That was evident in his Resort collection as there were bold drastic African printed pants, swimming trunks and blazers. I was so moved by the pieces that I informed the designer that I would be wearing this entire collection until he creates a womenswear line. With so much competition in the fashion industry, Raphael exclaimed that unfortunately he could never be fully satisfied with his work that he puts out because he's always thinking about ways to improve himself, or about the next collection.
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